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About Andre

André Pinto Donadio, originally from Maringá, Paraná, Brazil, pursued his education in Law at Curitiba University. After nine years of legal practice in Curitiba, he reignited his lifelong passion for photography, which he has now professionally pursued for the past four years.

In addition to his photography endeavors, André has expanded his expertise into cinematography since moving to Australia. He has worked on various projects including documentaries, short films, experimental films, and commercials.

"Boogie Days" stands as a testament to André's skill as a cinematographer. This captivating short film, created during the 2022 48 Hour Film Project in Adelaide, South Australia, by the talented film group "Fan Girls," showcases André's ability to immerse viewers in a thrilling exploration of dance, camaraderie, and creative innovation. Premiering at Filmapalooza in Los Angeles in 2023, "Boogie Days" received acclaim for its compelling storytelling and cinematic excellence.

Similarly, "Red Earth," an experimental short film directed by visual artist and director Bryce Kraehebuehl, featuring André Donadio as the cinematographer, mesmerizes audiences with its immersive visuals and evocative sound design. Premiering in 2023 at the Adelaide Film Festival, the film invites viewers to explore the beauty and mystery of the natural world through a cinematic lens.

Andre's talents extend to documentary filmmaking as well. Alongside award-winning journalist and documentary filmmaker Daniel Clarke, André served as the cinematographer on a feature bio-doc of John Wamsley, an eccentric and famous Australian conservationist. This documentary delves into Wamsley's journey in building fenced-off sanctuaries around Australia, challenging governments and public opinion.

Additionally, André collaborated with director Mark Cherret as the Director of Photography (DOP) for a feature documentary centered around the transformative power of burlesque in the lives of everyday Australian women. Premiering on various streaming platforms, the documentary offers a touching exploration of self-expression, healing, and empowerment through dance.

In early 2023, André had the privilege of serving as the DOP for the short drama "Cordelia, Daughter Of The Sea," alongside emerging South Australian director and writer Maddie Grammatopoulos. Premiering at Flickerfest 2024, the film delves into themes of love, loss, and the human experience.

Furthermore, commissioned by STINK FILMS BRAZIL and THE YOUTH in October 2023, André collaborated as DOP and co-director alongside Bryce Kraehebuehl on a segment of a global campaign exploring Generative AI. Shot in various locations worldwide, the resulting micro-documentary blends reality with surrealism, offering a thought-provoking glimpse into the future of AI technology.

Recently, in early 2024, André collaborated with Bryce as cinematographers on a commercial for Magnum Photos and Veuve Clicquot, currently in production, showcasing their ongoing commitment to visual storytelling across diverse mediums.

In March of 2024, André embarked on another exciting project, this time in the realm of queer cinema. He served as the cinematographer for a period queer short film, currently in post-production, directed and written by Guy Henderson and funded by Mercury Quicksilver.

Additionally, André is currently involved in shooting a documentary for director and producer Maddie Siegertsz titled "Modern Woman," further demonstrating his versatility and dedication to capturing diverse stories through the lens of his camera.


2024 - Plain en Simple - South African Tv Show will displayed at VIA on DSTV Network - Dir. David Moore (pre-production) - Cinematographer;

2024 - Magnum Photos & Veuve Clicquot Comercial - (international campaign) shot on 16mm ( in post-production) Colab with Bryce Kraehenbuehl - Cinematographer;
2024 - Great Deliverance (Short Film) - Dir. Guy Henderson; Prod. Jasmine Leech, funded by Quicksilver Mercury ( in post-production) - Cinematographer;
2024 - Modern Woman (Feature Documentary)- Dir. Maddie Siegertsz (in production) - Cinematographer;

2024 – Red 2 – (short film ) Dir. Zac Stelle, Cinematographer Kris Jenkison (in pos production) – 1 AC;

2023 - Comercial for Stink Films and The Youth - (international campaign) shot on 16mm (in post-production) Dir. Bryce Kraehenbuehl - Cinematographer;

2023 - Kupa - Piti (micro doco) - shot on 16mm commissioned by  Stink Films and The Youth (in post-production) Dir. Bryce Kraehenbuehl - Cinematographer;
2023 - Red Earth (Experimental Film);  Dir. Bryce Kraehenbuehl; funded by Hanlon Larsen Screen Fellowship Shot in 16mm Kodak Aerochrome; Premiered at Adelaide Film Festival -  Cinematographer;

2023 - The Wolf in Cat’s Clothing ( Feature Documentary); Dir. Daniel Clarke; Prod. Daniel Joyce; ( in production) - Cinematographer; 

2023 - Cordelia, Daughter of Sea ( Short Film) - Dir. Maddie Grammatopoulos ; premiered at Flickerfest 2024 -  Cinematographer;

2023 – Tunnel Vision ( Short Film ) – Bryce Kraehenbuehl & Alex Salkicevic – Cinematographer. Michael Tessari ( in Post Production ) - Still Photographer;

2023 -  You’ll Never Find Me ( Feature Film) - Dir. Josiah Allen, Indianna Bell – Cinematographer Maxx Corkindale; Premiered At Tribecca 2023 - Special Effects Technician;

2023 - Ginja Me - Dir. Brode Foscaro (Music Video) - Gaffer;

2023 - The Unrequited Life of Farrah Bruce (Short Film) - Dir. Daisy Anderson.  Premiered At Adelaide Film Festival 2023 - Still Photographer;

2023 - Maggie Makes a Cherry Pie ( Short Film) - Dir. Maddie Grammatopoulos. ( in Post Production) - Still Photographer;

2023 - Spithood  (Feature Film) - Dir. Tim Pine. ( in Post Production ) - Best Boy;

2022 -  Unleash ( Feature Documentary ); Dir. Mark Cherret; Distributor Umbrella Entertainment - Available at SBS on Demand  - Cinematographer and Colorist;

2022 - Boogie Days (Short Film); Dir. Jackie Zdanowicz - 2022 Winner Best Film, Best Director, Best Editing and  Best Production Design at 48HFP 2022; Premiered at Filmpalooza Los Angeles 2023 - Cinematographer and Colorist;

2022 - Hey Doll ( Short Film) - Dir.Saara Lamberg; 2022 Winner CCMA Award - Comedy Short; 2022 Winner Outstanding Achievement Award Short Film- Cinematographer;

2022 - The Family Friend (Short Film) - Dir. Tomiya Hills - Colorist;

2022- True Colour (Short Film ); Dir. Joseph McKenna -  1AC and Colorist;

2021 - Dipsomanic (Short Film); Dir. Orlando Norman; 2021 Winner BIFF Award - Cinematographer

2021 - Commissioned by Australian Motorcycle News to photograph the Sellick Beach Race in the reportage of Hamish Cooper. All the work was photographed in medium and large format film and published in a multi-page article in Vol.70 n 21 of the Magazine. 

2020 - Documentary Series- Pilot - Personal Project. ACCENTS - Role - Direction, edition and camera operation. 


2019 - 2020 - Lancemore Crossley St. Hotel – Melbourne. Commission engaged through the award-winning Car Design Group, that ended up in 113 exclusively, and numbered printing 60x90cm in Fine Art standards. Responsible for the creation and execution, management of all the process, including supervision of the prints, framing and delivery. Also responsible for the meeting and communication with the client. 

2019 – Milestones English Academy in Melbourne. Commission to produce the photographs for the Brochure of 2020. 


2019 – Collective Exhibition in the Ilford CCP SALON; Centre of Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, VIC, Australia; 

2018 - Individual Exhibition - “The irrational, the surreal, the dream, the animal essence”; Location: Dizzy Café Concert. Curitiba, Brazil; 

2017 - Individual exhibition into International Biennial of Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil - “The irrational, the surreal, the dream, the animal essence”; Location: Botanique; Curatorship: Luiz Gustavo Vardânega Vidal Pinto (Vidal); 

2016 - Exhibition: Mancha Urbana (Urban Spot); Place: Memorial of Curitiba PR; Curatorship: Luiz Gustavo Vardânega Vidal Pinto (Vidal); 2016 - Exhibition: “O que te move”(What moves you), Roda de Fotógrafos; Place: Câmara dos Aldermen, Annex 3, Curitiba Paraná; Curatorship: Orlando Azevedo; 2017 - Projection of Roda de Fotógrafos- “O que te move”(What moves you), Tiradentes Photography Festival, MG – Foto em Pauta; 

2016 - II ECAV; Place: Memorial of Curitiba-PR, Brazil; Curatorship: Maria Cecília Araújo de Noronha; Luiz Ernesto Meyer Pereira and Elvo Benito Damo; 

Books and Publication: 

AUSTRALIAN MOTORCYCLE NEWS - Hamish Cooper Reportage - Vol 70 no 21 - 29 april-12 May, 2021. 

MUROS VISUAIS DE CURITIBA (CURITIBA VISUAL WALLS). Cord. Mauricio Vieira. 1st ed. Curitiba: iD Books, 2017; Roda de Fotógrafos 002 / Daniel Caron, Lucas Pontes, João Marcelo Leal - Curitiba, PR: Voar, 2017. 

Catalogue- International Biennial of Curitiba 2017 – Antípodas – Diversos e Reverso.2017. Awards: 

2019 - 3rd Prize of The 99/COM/Grupo de Pesquisa em Comunicação em Midias Digitais ECA/USP Brazilian Journalism Award with the reportage – Caximba: Curitiba no Limite. Colab with Gustavo Schmid Queiroz and Leandro Luiz dos Santos; 

2018 - Pre Selected to the Paraty em Foco, International Festival of Photography of Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; 

2017 - Finalist of the award “O que te move”(What moves you), Roda de Fotógrafos, Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil;

2016 – Pre Selected to the Paraty em Foco, International Festival of Photography of Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; 2017 - Pre Selected to the Paraty em Foco, International Festival of Photography of Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil;


Adelaide, Australia


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